Past Webinars

Enable Your Remote Workforce with Secured Identity and Access Management

Suhail Ismail – APAC Director | OneLogin
Mrinal Srivastava – Solutions Architect | GS Lab

The work from home scenario and remote workforce management is here to stay. Organizations will have to make sure that their workforce has access to all the systems from home to maintain productivity. Security will also hold a central position.Find out how you can use the OneLogin platform to manage remote workforce effectively.
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Escalating cloud cost and how to manage them

Manish Sapariya – VP Technical Operations | kPoint
Vinod Borole – Porduct Manager | GS Lab

Deep dive into cloud cost management with our guest speaker – Manish Sapariya (VP – kPoint) as he discuss how cloud costs start escalating as your product grows and how to manage these costs.

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Demystifying Data Science, AI, and ML

Vineet Raina – Chief Data Scientist and Architect | GS Lab
Srinath Krishnamurthy Principal Architect (TOGAF 9 certified) | GS Lab

Deep dive into the basics of Data Science, AI and ML as we explore the difference between each technology and how these can be beneficial for your business.

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Demystifying Industrial IoT

Mandar Gadre

A Practical guide to basics of IIoT and how you can avoid costly mistakes during IIoT. Find out how manufacturers can implement IIoT to achieve Industry 4.0.

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How to Unify Access to On-Prem and Cloud Apps in Enterprises

Mandar Garge – Practice Head | GS Lab
Gary Gwin – Sr. Director of Project Management | OneLogin
Chris Veith – Director of Global Alliances | OneLogin

Operating and managing applications in both on-prem and cloud environments isn’t an easy task. And it’s getting even more complicated as the scale of deployment increases and expands globally. So, join us for this webinar to learn how to better manage your hybrid environment.

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