User Experience Design

UNBOX UX Design Services. We are continually transforming products with

  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Technology

The journey to your awesome product starts with us!

Why UX design?

Product, services and experiences built with design led approch have better chances of success

  • Product and services with better user acceptance
  • Reduced development and support costs
  • No rework cost
  • Prototype and Test products before development

Who is UNBOX?

Unbox is a User Experience and Digital design team in GS Lab. We pride ourselves at being the experience strategists who elevate our client’s digital growth and add to their business value.We create all things digital. We are the digital transformers.


Simply put, UNBOX teams creates best design experiences within development constraints. Our philosophy is to give you the best practical UX. Some of the other reasons why our customers love to work with us.


Experienced design team

Our team has in-depth knowledge of Technology


Good designs with great execution

we work closely with development teams to offer the best output

End to end product life cycle offerings

From concepts to interaction design to testing we do it all

Clients and Unbox are partners

Our clients are part of our process every step of the way

Hands on work

We believe in iterative design work with pen, paper or prototypes

Optimised solutions

We design amazing things inside or outside the constraints

Our UX Design Services Team

Our UX design services team consists of seasoned design professionals with hands-on experience in all things digital. We are passionate about good design and believe that it offers solutions to most of our worldly problems. Some of our strengths are:

In depth knowledge of design processes and tools

Solid Experience in designing for multiple technological platforms

Extensive experience of Client and team management


Experienced in working in Agile methodologies


Multidisciplinary team with interests in music, photography, painting, traveling, User research, technology and more

Our Approach


Know the people you’re designing for, so you understand their needs better.


The big problem you want to solve for your business or end-user.


Come up with different solutions that might be useful to people.


Turn ideas into realistic mockups that you can test.


Share your prototype and gain invaluable feedback from users.

Our design approach has helped us create meaningful products and services which has high acceptance rate amongst the users.


Holistic and systemic thinking

Understand business, users and the system


Work as a team and take inputs from clients

We study the ground reality with you, for you



Think, design, test, repeat. Till it is the perfect fit


Focus on the users

Their needs, wants and aspirations

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Intervention Areas

As a design team we are committed to solve end to end design problems and create smashing products with great user experience

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