vEPC Core Engineering

Virtual Evolved Packet Core (vEPC) Expertise – To Power Your Core

The virtualized evolved packet core (vEPC) is slated to grow nearly 56% from 2020 to 2024 led by prominent vEPC vendors.Advancement in technology is set to increase demand for 5G vEPC. Increasing traffic demand, always-on consumer behavior, and differentiated services for various use cases are going to drive the next transformation in telecom infrastructure. Network providers will have to bring in agility & flexibility within the network and lower their TCO at the same time. Virtualizing EPC can help network providers, operators, private LTE providers and network infrastructure providers bring down their TCO and end their dependency on expensive proprietary hardware & software.

GS Lab’s telecom unit helps MNOs, MVNOs, network slicing companies, startups, telecom infrastructure & Private LTE providers engineer their vEPCs with expertise across all core EPC components. Our product development capabilities, combined with the knowledge of 3GPP protocols, make us an ideal partner for the development of vEPCs. Leveraging our skills and industry collaborations, we have developed accelerators that can help reduce your testing and deployment timelines for your vEPCs. We are also a leading collaborating innovator for ONF’s OMEC project and Aether project.


Our EPC Offerings

3GPP Compliant ECP Core Modules

Engineering of MME, HSS, SGW, PGW, and PCRF – EPC core components compliant to 3GPP standards to support network services for 3G, 4G, and 5G

CUPS Engineering

CUPS architecture readiness, design and implementation services with Sxa/b protocol help organizations support increased data traffic and reduce latency period for their applications.

Testing, Automation and DevOps

Our expertise across 3GPP protocols and testing tools helps us deliver end-to-end compliance, performance tests and automate DevOps solutions for your EPC core components.

Distributed Architecture Design

Service-based or cloud-native based service architecture (distributed – user and plane separation) to support high bandwidth low latency applications.

Our Accelerators

Octopus – vEPC Compliance Tracker

Octopus is a complete & automated vEPC testing tool that reduces your vEPC testing time from days to minutes. It’s a comprehensive testing tool that works across various EPCs with different components and protocols.  It also helps you trace all the messages at each connection point.


OMEC-in-a-box is your all in one vEPC open-sourced sandbox designed to accelerate ONF’s OMEC deployment and testing across any infrastructure (Cloud, Virtual or Bare metal). It is a single click easy to deploy, that can be easily extended to any private vEPCs.

Ready to get started with vEPC and 5GC

Connecting OMEC with commercial EPC

GS Lab is one of the major contributor in open source vPEC core. One key challenge the Industry experts face is the mixing and matching of open-source and commercial off-the-shelf offerings for better capability and usage.

At GS Lab, we have engineered multiple OMEC components. Watch this demo to know how OMEC’s components can be used with commercial mobile core/EPCs.

Telecom Insights at GS Lab


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