Private LTE

Making Private LTE Networks Accessible And Consumable

Private LTE Networks and CBRS together provide multiple possibilities for highly secure, consistent, high-performance and cost-effective wireless networks for enterprises. However, the most crucial question enterprises have is what infrastructure is required to set up the private LTE network. Private LTE deployment involves an ecosystem of partners and equipment which is much more than just a cloud-managed LTE router. Beyond core infrastructure, organizations also have to think about enterprise integrations, application performance, deployments, edge automation and security aspects based on their use cases.

GS Lab’s telecom unit helps enterprises and managed service providers (MSPs) accelerate the deployment and customization process for private LTE. Our expertise across core vEPC engineering, enterprise integrations, cloud & edge technologies, gateways and testing & automation makes us an ideal partner of choice for both MSPs and enterprises.

Being an active collaborator for ONF, we can help enterprises with OMEC premium support and Aether deployment.

Our Area Of Work

Component Enginnering

Engineering services for LTE/5GC core component for OMEC or any other EPC.

Edge Automation & Deployment

Distributed deployment with control and user plane separation. Applications integrations with EPC for customized solutions and MEC.

App Performance Assurance

High performance control and data plane operations.

Converged Architectures

Fixed wireless (non-3gpp access) and LTE core integration expertise. Engineering for ePDG and related interfaces, UE tunneling and PGW integration.

Deployment Automation

Automated deployment of complete distributed EPC customized to deployment schematic. Support for baremetal, VM or containertized deployment autmation.

Enterprise Application Integration

System integration or customizations with enterprise applications for monitoring, authentication, AI/ML, billing and security etc.

Aether Deployment

End-to-end private LTE deployment with distributed control and user plane. Integration with the cloud services

Our EPC Core Expertise


Accelerating Testing And Deployment For EPC And Private LTE Networks

Octopus – vEPC Compliance Tracker

Octopus is a complete & automated vEPC testing tool that reduces your vEPC testing time from days to minutes. It’s a comprehensive testing tool that works across various EPCs with different components and protocols. It also helps you trace all the messages at each connection point.


OMEC-in-a-box is your all in one vEPC sandbox designed to accelerate ONF’s OMEC deployment and testing across any infrastructure (Cloud, Virtual or Bare metal). It is a single click easy to deploy, open-sourced sandbox that can be easily extended to any private vEPCs.

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