An End-to-end vEPC Compliance Tracker – Octopus

Reduce your vEPC testing time from days to minutes!

Octopus is a complete & automated vEPC whitebox testing tool that reduces your vEPC testing time from days to minutes. It’s a comprehensive testing tool that works across various EPCs with different components and protocols. It works with test traffic generators and detects & pinpoints failures for compliance. It also helps you trace all the messages at each connection point. Find out more about Octopus vEPC testing tool in this video.


Key features of Octopus

  • Seamlessly works across various EPCs with different components and protocols
  • No changes required in EPC code or deployment
  • No coding knowledge required
  • Dashboard to check results of success or failure of all traced messages
  • Works with physical servers, VMs or containers
  • Offline testing supported
  • Multiple simulators supported
  • Configurable sequencing available
  • Old PCAP and IE validation
  • 3GPP procedure flow, sequences and timing validations

How does Octopus work?


Octopus verifies compliance of end-to-end 3GPP procedure in the EPC, converged core, or other combination of setups. It’s completely automated and can be hooked up to any deployed network and take capture on all the interfaces. It also does protocol validation of messages as per specifications for the sequence of messages.

Octopus is configurable to capture packets from various interfaces. They are fed to a sophisticated event engine to detect compliance, failures, and pinpoint them for quicker resolution. The framework works with all popular test generation tools.

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