Redefining Telecom With Cloud, Edge And Open Source

With the advent of 5G, the telecom and communications industry is undergoing a revolution. 3GPP standards are evolving. Monolithic architectures are being broken down. MNOs and MVNOs are moving towards open and flexible Software Defined Networks. Data and control planes are getting separated. Network slicing is becoming real as mobile & broadband networks are getting merged. Private LTE is now a reality.

GS Lab’s Virtual Evolved Packet Core (vEPC) engineering services and Private LTE services help the telecom industry deliver differentiated solutions across various use cases, including – IoT, private LTE, edge compute, 5G services and open source technologies. Our experience with ONF OMEC, our in-house lab and accelerators help us deliver telecom engineering services for leading MNOs, MVNOs, infrastructure giants and startups at record speed.

Evolved Packet Core Solutions

Our Telecom Software Services

Private LTE

Our expertise helps private LTE providers engineer, deploy & test private LTE solutions for various use cases. The areas we work across private LTE include:

  • Component engineering
  • App performance assurance
  • Edge automation & deployment
  • Converged architectures
  • Deployment automation
  • Enterprise application integration
  • Aether deployment

vEPC Core Engineering

Our expertise across EPC core components, 3GPP protocols & cloud native engineering help us engineer core EPC & vEPC solutions in MNOs, MVNOs, private EPC Product companies & Network slicing companies. The areas we work across vEPC include:

  • 3GPP compliant ECP core modules
  • CUPS engineering
  • Testing, automation, and deployment of components
  • Edge deployment
  • Enterprise application integration
  • Distributed architecture design

Open Source Contributions

GS Lab is helping telecom operators & third party telecom integrators with automated deployment & configuration of EPC in OMEC implementations. GS Lab is an architect, maintainer and contributor for OMEC & Ather projects. Our contribution areas include:

  • OMEC’s control plane (SGW, PGW)
  • User plane (SGW, PGW)
  • MME, HSS, Database, PCRF, CTF, CDF, and SGXCDR modules
  • Aether contribution

Accelerating Testing And Deployment For EPC And Private LTE

Octopus – vEPC Compliance Tracker

Octopus is a complete & automated vEPC testing tool that reduces your vEPC testing time from days to minutes. It’s a comprehensive testing tool that works across various EPCs with different components and protocols. It also helps you trace all the messages at each connection point.


OMEC-in-a-box is your all in one vEPC sandbox designed to accelerate ONF’s OMEC deployment and testing across any infrastructure (Cloud, Virtual or Bare metal). It is a single click, easy to deploy, and open-source sandbox that can be easily extended to any private vEPCs.


In House EPC & Private LTE Lab

We are committed to providing solutions for the telecom industry. To accelerate our core capabilities and deliver faster solutions to our customers, we have set an industry-standard lab to test various use cases for our customers. Our lab includes:

  • Industry-standard traffic simulator
  • Hardware RAN set up to simulate and test traffic from real RAN for LTE and CBRS.
  • OpenStack setup for EPC and related tools
  • Dedicated rack servers with 10G NIC to deploy and test traffic performance.

Our Success Stories

  • Development and testing of full-fledged open-source LTE Gateway as per release 15.
    Key features include dedicated bearer, TAU, HO, DNS(NAPTR), IPv6, Distributed deployment, PFCP, Restoration procedures, LI, Tracing, Gx(rules), Multi-PDN, etc.
  • Compliance and automation Testing for distributed LTE Edge
    End to end compliance of 3GPP procedure. DUT can be a single EPC component or entire EPC. Also performed validation for protocols, IEs, data, sequence, timing, etc.
  • Development and testing of evolved Packet Data Gateway (ePDG)
    Ground-up design & development of Non-3GPP access component. Also developed an ePDG plugin for Stongswan. We also provided support for AAA, S2b-c/u, SWu.
  • Performance enhancement of cloud-based gateways
    Performance improvement to 1000 transactions per second on the control plane, and 2MPPS on the data plane. DPDK based data plane.
  • LTE with IMS
    Open source IMS integration with the OMEC-in-a-box, with end-to-end call establishment using a softphone.

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