Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance & Analytics Solutions

Today’s surveillance solutions need to be scalable, accurate and efficient to meet diverse requirements of various industries across the globe. Our expertise across video streaming, analytics, cloud & communication protocols coupled with product engineering experience makes us an ideal technology partner for development & optimization of surveillance platforms and applications.


Our team of experts in image processing, video analytics, AI, ML and deep learning technologies help you define a clear road map for your solutions and then deliver them in record time. We offer:

  • Consulting
  • Development and performance optimization services
  • Deployment and support services

Press Release

GS Lab receives patent for revolutionary video streaming technology. This patent improves real-time video streaming experience for viewers, which is often less than satisfactory due to frequent bandwidth bottlenecks.

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Video Analytics Expertise

Our analytics expertise covers a wide range of scenarios like enhancing the quality of the video, detecting events related to people, vehicles or objects, optimization of analytics algorithims and analytics for edge based servers and devices (cameras). Our capabilities include both video and audio analytics, coupled with machine learning algorithms to identify patterns and prevent surveillance lapses.

Video Management Systems Expertise Our video management capabilities have broad scope right from designing a scalable solution to integrating it with any third party security system.

  • Cloud based video surveillance system
  • Low latency high resolution image & video compression
  • Data storage optimization
  • Server performance management
  • Application security
  • Device management
  • User & alert management systems
  • Camera health monitoring
  • Event detection & handling
  • Edge computing & analytics
  • Web & mobile application design & development
  • Integrations

Success Stories

Integrated Video Monitoring & Vigilance Solution

How we implemented secure & flexible video monitoring and analytics solution for live vigilance & investigation of incidents across the entire network of a rapid transit agency.

Cloud Management, Development and DevOps for Video Analytics Solution

How we helped a leading video analytics company improve performance, stability & maintenance of their cloud based video platform.