Product Engineering And Development

R&D Driven Product Engineering

Customers drive business transformations. Technology products need to upscale and support business transformations at record speed to better compete in the digital world. This results in an ever-increasing pressure on engineering teams to craft newer functionality, eliminate waste and maintain business continuity. To accomplish this, technology companies need a partner who can continuously drive innovation into their products.

At GS Lab, we help technology companies in driving innovations at record speed. By leveraging our R&D driven development approach and deep understanding of core & next-generation technologies, we can help you transform & develop new products at scale. Having developed more than 300 products, many of which are first-of-its-kind; our product engineering teams take ownership, go beyond the call of duty and add value to our customers. Our expertise across core technologies such as cloud, networking, and communications helps us eliminate wastes and dramatically improves your product performance.

Our Product Engineering Services

Technology Consulting

We identify and determine the best technology for your products or business. We can help you define the technology road map for your product and its architecture.

Product Engineering & Development

We help you improve your product performance, infuse your products with next-generation technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science and analytics. We can also help you build SaaS products.

Ideation To Product Development

We help you develop a proof of concept or minimum viable product and undertake rapid prototyping.

Product Life Cycle Management

We help you with DevOps, QA & testing, support and professional services for your products across the complete lifecycle.

Performance Engineering

We help you fine tune your products to create the best customer experience in normal & extreme load conditions; right from performance testing to performance engineering.