GS Lab Releases Support for Azure Accounts on its Cloud Cost Optimization Tool — CloudGain

GS Lab Releases Support for Azure Accounts on its Cloud Cost Optimization Tool — CloudGain

  • CloudGain is GS Lab’s in-house built, proprietary cloud cost optimization tool.
  • The new release enables users to configure their Microsoft Azure accounts on CloudGain.
  • This support functionality provides users with a unified single-view dashboard of spends and cost-saving recommendations across multiple configured accounts.

PUNE, India. 23 February, 2022: Earlier today, GS Lab announced a new release that supports Microsoft Azure accounts on CloudGain, their proprietary cloud cost optimization tool. CloudGain provides a comprehensive view of an organization’s cloud expenses with cost-saving recommendations, empowering them to compare their total cloud spends, derive a more definitive RoI and optimize their cloud infrastructure.

The tool only supported AWS accounts initially. Now with its new release supporting Microsoft Azure, CloudGain can cater to the multi-cloud landscape, complementing customers’ existing cloud infrastructures. Azure holds the second-largest share in Cloud Infrastructure after AWS due to its suite of hybrid solutions, Platform-as-a-service (PaaS), and other accompanied features that are crucial in creating an effective cloud strategy.

CloudGain — Reaching for the Sky
GS Lab VP & GM-Cloud, Pankaj Kharode said, “We developed CloudGain with a vision to provide customers with much-needed cost intelligence across multiple AWS and Azure accounts. CloudGain provides recommendations to optimize costs across chosen periods based on historical data and trends. It is specially built for product engineering teams with a key focus on innovation, where engineers can track their infrastructure debt easily throughout the software development lifecycle to optimize for a better RoI. This will enable organizations to align their spending with key metrics and improve cost-making decisions even if they are in the initial phase of multi-cloud usage.”

Salient/Key Features of CloudGain

  • A unified view across multiple configured AWS and Azure accounts – With this new release, one account will enable businesses to link multiple AWS and Azure accounts for an easier dive in spends and optimization suggestions. The tool also provides rich analytics and insights, such as a unified view to deep dive into spends and savings across AWS and Azure accounts. The user has complete control and the tool will require read-only access.
  • Comprehensive reports – Fuelled by a strong data analytics engine, CloudGain enables users to pull customized reports daily to track usage, savings, trends, resource utilization and other factors depending upon business KPIs.
  • Granular cost management – From a single view, users can unearth further insights into resources that are driving a particular cost for selected account. This is extremely crucial for an IT team monitoring multiple accounts.
  • Custom alerts – The tool also features configured alerts and notifications based on custom policies.
  • Potential savings recommendations – Based on historical data and trends, CloudGain suggests potential monthly savings by listing idle, unused, underutilized resources and other avenues for optimizing costs.

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