Performance Engineering And Testing

End-to-end Performance Engineering & Testing Services

Our performance engineering teams have extensive experience in testing and optimizing next-generation products and applications for our customers across the globe. We have developed over 300+ products for our customers which help us understand the performance requirements across various stages of product lifecycle. Our expertise spans across wide range of platforms including databases, streaming platforms, IAM platforms, API platforms, web portals, and cloud containers. Our objective is to provide unmatched user experience and highly reliable, scalable and predictable application behaviour for our customers.

Our performance engineering services include performance automation testing, capacity planning, competition benchmarking, and performance monitoring & consulting. We help customers identify the right performance indicators and are adept at identifying root cause issues and provide remediation at various levels.

Performance Engineering Remediation at Various Levels

Our Performance Engineering Expertise Include

Performance Engineering Process

Our holistic approach to testing separates us from many. We understand the bigger picture and the context of testing and help choose realistic scenarios for testing. We understand the basic laws like Universal Scalability Law (USL) and Little’s Law those can help us to forecast your future needs. We work on both paid and open source tools for performance automation testing.

Beyond tools we have expertise in Data analysis and visualization with Python, and R, Web performance analysis and Integration with Jenkins

Our Success Stories

Improved performance of a network monitoring streaming analytics pipeline from 100K transactions per second to 0.8 million transactions per second.

Developed load generation framework to generate 100K transactions per second from 1000 transactions per second to evaluate scalability of an API management SAS solution.

Improved web application load time from 24 secs to 4.7 secs resulting in a 60% reduction in bounce rate.

Achieved 12x speedup in Provisioning workflow and 3 times improved throughput for an Identity access management platform.

Our Open Source Contribution


 Pepper-Box is a free Kafka plugin for JMeter. It is scalable, customizable and secure with easy to use UI. An apt choice to generate load against streaming data and analytics pipeline implementation leveraging Kafka.