Enabling A Secure & Unified Workforce With OneLogin

GS Lab is a leading OneLogin licenses reseller and implementation partner across the globe. We help customers to implement OneLogin’s Cloud-based identity and access solutions combined with GS Lab’s accelerators to manage both cloud-based and on-premise applications for our customers. With 15+ years of product engineering experience and expertise across IAM, provisioning & SSO solutions, we are your ideal partner to implement & integrate OneLogin’s Unified Access Management Solution within your ecosystem.

We are also part of OneLogin’s extended partner program – OneLogin Accelerate, which provides us access to OneLogin’s software development kits, RESTful API’s and engineering resources. Our provisioning solutions such as the IdentityDesk solution can be used to accelerate OneLogin deployments enabling enterprises to quickly realize the benefits of OneLogin’s Unified Access Management solution.


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Implementation Services

Replacing legacy IAM solutions will allow enterprises to more rapidly deploy and exploit cloud technologies to better serve their customers. GS Lab’s experience with Legacy IAM solutions and their deep knowledge of OneLogin’s Unified Access Management solution make them a perfect partner to help enterprises make this complex transition to the new world of Access Management. OneLogin values the accelerators that GS Lab brings to the table to speed up the deployment for complex hybrid IT environments.


Matt Hurley
VP of Global Channels, Strategic Alliances, and GM Asia Pacific

GS Lab Accelerators


It helps OneLogin customers to integrate their on-premise user repository with OneLogin cloud and perform user lifecycle management operations on on-premise applications as well as internet/cloud applications.

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Desktop Wallet

An ESSO tool that can seamlessly integrate with OneLogin to extend OneLogin SSO capabilities to perform SSO with desktop applications/thick clients.


Why GS Lab As Your OneLogin System Integration Partner?

  • Expertise across Cloud, IAM and Provisioning Solutions
    We have a multidisciplinary team with a proven track record of developing end-to-end IAM and provisioning solutions for various enterprise needs.
  • Integration expertise for the entire application environment
    We provide comprehensive Unified Access Management and automated user provisioning to enterprises, eliminating manual processes and intervention while ensuring higher governance and compliance.
  • Accelerators to adopt OneLogin faster and across hybrid systems
    Our IdentityDesk solution helps enterprise integrate on-prem solutions with OneLogin’s cloud-based user repository and accelerate OneLogin adoption across hybrid IT environments.

Success Stories

OneLogin implementation and IdentityDesk integration of both cloud & on-premise systems for a network and home entertainment provider operating in 30+ markets.

We implemented OneLogin’s IAM solution for cloud application and used GS Lab’s IdentityDesk solution to connect multiple on-premise systems like HRMS, ticket management systems, & provisioning solutions etc. with OneLogin Access. We delivered an SSO solution across all the systems for all 30+ markets.

Custom Identity and Access management system to provide unified experience across multiple user roles for more than 40,000+ users using OneLogin.

We implemented OneLogin solution to decouple 2 IAM systems used for 2 different roles – employee’s and customers. This reduced the code change efforts for the IT team. In addition we developed a custom CIAM portal for their customers to give unified brand experience across all the user roles.

Looking for a secure and unified way to manage your IAM for complex hybrid ecosystems?