MuleSoft Expertise To Drive Digital Transformations

As a MuleSoft Technology and Connector Development Partner, GS Lab helps organizations connect apps, data, and devices using the Anypoint Platform and accelerate their digital transformation journey. We help organizations carve out their iPaaS strategy and integrate systems for streamlined operations – quickly and cost-effectively. Our expertise & technology partnerships across various technology products, including – cloud, security, communications, and enterprise applications, helps us provide end-to-end solutions for enterprise system integration requirements.

Our MuleSoft experts ensure that organizations get the very best out of their investments in the MuleSoft platform. Our full-stack of service offerings include Scoping & architecting integration solutions using Anypoint Platform, Anypoint Platform implementation, connector development & management. Our deep expertise in ‘Full lifecycle API management,’ i.e., planning, design, implementation, publication, operation, consumption, maintenance and retirement of APIs, along with service governance makes us a well-placed partner in all of the functions of Application Service Governance (Combined space inclusive of full lifecycle API management and Service Governance) product life cycle.


MuleSoft Services

Anypoint Platform Consulting

  • Enterprise level Mule architecture design & development
  • Service oriented architecture design & development
  • Scalable architecture design to support multiplatform integrations
  • Design DevOps approach
Anypoint Platform Implementation Services

  • Solution architecture design
  • Integration/API solution design & development
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Capacity optimization & performance tuning
Anypoint Platform Connector Development

  • Functionality identification & specification
  • Connector design and development
  • Testing and template creation
  • User documentation
  • Certification and publishing
Anypoint Platform Support & Maintenance

  • Implementing new operations
  • Version upgrades to support newer versions of end applications
  • Version upgrades to support new Anypoint Platform releases
  • Support for published version

MuleSoft Connectors

Our MuleSoft center of excellence is committed to giving back to the community and we have developed three critical connectors for MuleSoft thriving community.

Docker Connector

The Docker connector acts as a bridge between the platform and DevOps function. This Docker connector helps DevOps teams to deploy, manage, monitor, and scale Docker workloads seamlessly.leverage advanced analytics in BigQuery test

Elasticsearch Connector

The Elasticsearch Connector indexes data from multiple sources and allows different applications to query it to extract data insights. It also provides functionality to create and manage indices.leverage advanced analytics in BigQuery test

Google BigQuery Connector

The connector helps to create, manage, share and query data in Google BigQuery. Customers can seamlessly move business-critical information in either direction from CRM’s or other systems to leverage advanced analytics in BigQuery.

Latest at GS Lab on MuleSoft

Case Study

GS Lab at Pune MuleSoft Meet Ups

Developed API based orchestration layer using Anypoint platform to connect all healthcare applications for a healthcare provider. Single API operation now updates all the systems in the backend.

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Developed provisioning framework on MuleSoft Enterprise Bus Service with connectors for leading SaaS and on-prem applications. REST and SOAP based protocols can also be used to connect with the framework.

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