Extend Your Avaya Capabilities And Develop Innovative Solutions With GS Lab

GS Lab is Avaya DevConnect Partner and has proven experience in implementing and engineering custom solutions leveraging Avaya products. We are a strong team of Avaya developers and consultants with projects across call center, financial services, hospitality, and healthcare industries. We are Avaya technology partner with a deep understanding of the Avaya ecosystem.

Our strength across cloud, communications, and embedded systems allow us to engineer cost-effective solutions for our clients. We have developed over 40+ POCs on Avaya products for our clients. We are a committed partner to Avaya and run internal hackathons to build innovative solutions around Avaya products. We carve end-to-end solutions that cater to various enterprise needs including Avaya implementation, integration, and customizations for various problem statements.


Our Avaya Expertise

  • Product development
  • Professional services
  • Application management & support
  • User experience
  • Performance engineering
  • Vantage
  • Avaya Workplaces (Equinox)
  • CSDK Android, iOS, JS
  • Engagement Designer
  • Oceana Messaging
  • Oceana Widgets
  • Oceana Workspaces
  • APEX/ Front Door
  • Experience Portal
  • SBC Platform
  • End Points
  • Breeze
  • NGM Admin
  • Spoken IVR
  • Zang
  • UMR
  • IVR
  • CIEE
  • POM
  • PC
  • ACM
  • SBC Apps
  • FLEX
  • EMC
  • AACC
  • AMC
  • AADS
  • IBM Watson Adaptors
  • Google Cloud Analytics
  • Microsoft Cognitive APIs
  • Google DialogFlow
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • ISTIO load balancer
  • Kafka
  • Rabbit MQ
  • Keycloak
  • WebRTC
  • Mendix
  • GORM
  • Open CTI
  • Java/J2EE
  • JS Framework
  • Go Lang
  • Python
  • .Net
  • C++
  • Selenium
  • Robot
  • Graph QL
  • SIP
  • VXML
  • VOIP
  • GRPC
  • Call center solutions
  • Healthcare
  • Financial services
  • Hospitality
  • Education

Shaping Industries With Avaya Products

Call Center Industry

We have helped multiple clients across the globe to optimize and improve their call center operations with Avaya products. Our key solutions include:

  • Migrating call flow to self-service Chabot’s and in-app messaging services
  • Automated real-time dialer system with standardized configurable contact center-specific features
  • Employee productivity management system to enhance customer and employee experience
  • Integration of video calls, video conferences, chat, multimedia message sharing to improve productivity and customer experience

Healthcare Industry

Our expertise across the healthcare domain and Avaya products helps our clients leverage the power of Avaya products in the healthcare domain. Our key solutions include:

  • Remote patient monitoring through Avaya cameras and products
  • Telemedicine application through Avaya products
  • Patient connect applications
  • Hospital Management Systems

Our Success Stories

  • 40% reduction in call volume through a virtual agent for a leading banking group
    We developed IBM Watson based virtual agent and a chatbot connector over Oceana Workspaces which helped reduce 40% call volume for the customer.
  • Remote patient monitoring application for equipment manufacturer
    We helped enhance a remote patient monitoring application over Avaya infrastructure including Avaya Aura and Avaya Equinox. We helped introduce features like zoom, pan and tilt functionalities to stimulate real-life physical visits for doctors.
  • Fleet management system for differently-abled kids
    We helped the customer with customization of Avaya fleet management system they had for their specific use cases. GS Lab developed Android & iOS applications which can provide real-time tracking of kids with an estimated time of arrival.
  • Real-time automated dialer system and role-based performance management system for a leading bank
    We helped a leading bank implement a real-time dialer system over softphones with configurable call center features to help standardize systems across geographies. It also featured a role level reporting and access system which helped standardized the performance system across geographies. It’s a scalable system developed on Avaya POM where customers will not have to invest in an auto dialer for upcoming call centers.
  • Employee tracking & communication system with the digital product catalog for a leading  jeweler in Dubai
    We developed an employee tracking and communication system using Avaya Office IP components. The system helped track relevant department employees on the go and made connecting with the expert easy via chat and video calls. We also developed a digital product catalog for easy and quick access to information. The system also helped develop insights over customers.
  • A unified system of communication for customers facing road accidents
    Using Avaya infrastructure, we developed a mobile application that can help you collaborate with claimants, insurance agents, hospitals, police, vehicle towing, insurance company engineers, legal departments and other service agents over video calls, video conferences, chat, and multimedia message sharing.


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