Partner Ecosystem

Salesforce Partner | GS Lab


We are Salesforce registered consulting partner providing technology consulting and technology services across complete Salesforce ecosystem including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Salesforce platform, Salesforce Integrations and Custom Application Development on Salesforce.

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Mulesoft Partners


We are MuleSoft connector development and technology partner, providing development, automation, testing, support, customer services & connector development services for MuleSoft’s Anypoint Security Products. With three certified connectors already published, we help business unlock the true power of MuleSoft – Anypoint Platform. We have developed Docker connector, Elastic Search connector and Google BigQuery connector for Mulesoft Anypoint Platform.

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We are Microsoft Gold Application Development Partner and a Silver Cloud Partner, providing custom application development, analytics and business intelligence, and business enterprise solutions including sharepoint, MS Dynamics and Office 365 implementation and customization. Our Silver level cloud partner competency, allows us to help businesses with cloud native engineering, cloud migration, multi cloud orchestration and product transformations. Our expertise across IoT, cloud and communication technologies help us deliver Azure based IoT and machine learning solutions for our customers.

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IBM Silver Business Partner - GS Lab


We are IBM Silver Business Partner and authorized reseller for IBM licenses. We help our customers with Product Implementation, customization, integration, and support services across all IBM products. We heavily invest in building key technology skills and certifications for all IBM products with expertise across cloud, IoT and security products.

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Red Hat

We are Red Hat technology solution partner, providing implementation, professional services, custom development and application management services. With over 70+ trained engineers, we focus on Red Hat Openshift, Enterprise virtualization, and OpenStack Platform, to architect and engineer solutions best suited for our customer needs.

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We are Avaya DevConnect Partner, providing implementation, professional services, custom development and application management services for more than 30+ Avaya products. We are a strong team of Avaya developers and consultants with projects across call center, financial services, hospitality, and healthcare industries. We are Avaya technology partner with a deep understanding of the Avaya ecosystem.

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We are Certified OneLogin Implementation partner. We provide professional services, system integration services, and help deploy and configure OneLogin solutions. We also help in custom SSO connector development for OneLogin.

We are partner in designing and implementing unique/packaged solutions combining GS Lab’s IdentityDesk and OneLogin’s Unified Access Manager Product to bring unified experience across On-prem and cloud IAM solutions.

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Amazon Web Services

We are AWS standard consulting partner providing cloud migration, infrastructure monitoring, DevOps, SecOps, and AWS native engineering and application development services.


We are a Nuxeo affiliate partner providing consulting, implementation, and configuration services for Nuxeo’s robust content management platform (ECM). Our expertise across the Nuxeo platform helps us solve document management challenges of our clients across banking, financial, and technology product companies.

iO life science

iO life science is a design and development firm dedicated to transforming lives through the innovation of smart, connected, patient-centric devices. GS Lab and iO life science will provide a robust ecosystem of human-centric product design and development expertise coupled with firmware and software product engineering capabilities to its customers and entrepreneurs in the medical devices industry.

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Knime logo


We are a standard tier partner of KNIME providing data science solutions around the KNIME Analytics Platform and KNIME Server. We help our customers leverage an open source data science platform to productize their solutions through this partnership.

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IAB Logo


We are a member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), helping us leverage early access to industry standards and protocols, frameworks, code repositories, and tools for our customers in the AdTech space. In addition, we plan to actively contribute to the development of industry privacy and data protection standards.

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Automation Design Exchange (ADE)

ADE offers accelerated Building Automation Engineering & Support Services. GS Lab and ADE will provide innovative technology solutions in the building industry leveraging AI, ML, Cloud, and IoT technology.

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