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Gartner says: By 2018, 70% of new applications will run on open source databases

With the significant technical advances in open source database technology there is a tremendous movement underway. Not only will 70 per cent of all new in-house applications be developed on an open source database, 50 per cent of all existing commercial RDBMS (relational database management systems) will convert to an open source database (OSDBMS).

2017 is a year to tap the benefits of open source and leverage it to improve operational excellence, accelerate product development and reduce costs with various open source platform services. Open source technologies improve IT application adaptability and flexibility, thus cutting operational costs.

What sets us apart…

80% Of our customers use open source technologies & tools for operational excellence

Deep open source expertise in more than 80 tools and technologies

30+ contributions have been completed or in progress within GS Lab in open source projects

10+ active partnerships for joint solutions with open source vendors

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Use Cases…Open Source

Building a hybrid cloud solution using OpenStack4j

During our effort to build a hybrid cloud solution for one of the worldwide leader in IT and networking, one of the cloud provider we used was OpenStack. Our in depth assessment of available open source library support for API execution revealed that the support for new features were absent; provided the efforts to build a new library ground up was nearly impossible. As a result, we went ahead and contributed to this library to add support for the missing features, this resulted in better control for issue management, freedom to add/update new features.