Manufacturing Solutions

Manufacturing Industry is becoming truly global. Customers are now more and more demanding, and competition is fierce. Manufacturers are under constant pressure to improve both top line and bottom line. Manufacturers need to find ways to bring differentiated products to the market, reduce operational costs and overall improve productivity and customer experience to compete with global players.

GS Lab’s IT Solutions for Manufacturing Industry help businesses meet their technology requirements right from product engineering to customer experience and from shop floor to top floor. Our expertise across cloud, IIoT, embedded system, and enterprise applications help business built smart manufacturing units. Our problem-solving approach, coupled with Data Science, Analytics, and Machine Learning capabilities, helps us generate visibility and actionable business intelligence at a rapid pace. Our solutions help manufacturers achieve benchmarks such as Industry 4.0 and become truly digital.


Our Manufacturing Technology Solutions

We help manufacturers across the complete value chain. Right from digitalizing product engineering
and development to improved customer experience solutions.

Faster Product Development & Innovation

  • Digital Twin
  • Digitized Product Development Process
  • System-Level Modelling
  • Embedded Systems

Agile & Cost-Effective Manufacturing

  • IoT Enabled Quality Management Systems
  • Factory Operations Visibility & Intelligence (FOVI) Management
  • Predictive Maintenance & Management (PMM)

Better Business Visibility & Insights

Improved Customer Experiences

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

  • Digital Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • Track & Trace Solutions

Our Accelerators

Reduce your TCO and turn around time with our ready to use accelerators.


Cut your operational costs with this smart energy and watermonitoring & optimization solution.


Single-click solution for preparing various financial reports like cost audit reports

Shopfloor Pulse

Get complete visibility with real-time reporting of incidents on the shop floor. A must-have for your ‘Zero Incidents’ goals.


Real-time asset monitoring and data analytics. Bring together data from all your smart assets, make sense of it, and take timely actions.

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Our Success Stories

Telematics based fleet management for a leading heavy equipment manufacturer

Machine learning-based supply chain optimization for an American multinational energy giant

Financial process automation for an Indian conglomerate

Preventive maintenance and remote monitoring for a leading German oil filtration manufacturer

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