Disruptive Digital Transformation

Traditional Telephony companies are advancing with the evolving landscape. With the disruptive growth of smart phones and smart phone apps the challenge just got bigger. GS Lab chose to look beyond and worked with leading telephony company to bundle up and react to this challenge by building a couple of apps that can be game changers in their respective domains. With our focus on two business verticals, Healthcare and Retail, we developed application solutions combining physical web or IoT presented at one of the world’s most important digital and technology event ‘GiTex’.

Healthcare application solution focuses at extended patient care post hospitalization, capable of tracking patients’ vital stats using data from wearables, generating emergency calls using triggers like shouting out for help, fall detection or an abnormal spike in heart rate. This app can send periodic alerts about recording vital parameters, reporting such vital health data back to the hospital via the app, receiving medicine schedule alerts and so on.

Smart Retail application solution focuses at better customer engagement, provisioning of context based and relevant targeted assistance to prospective customers or window shoppers who might just get interested in products at display and would like to understand more about it. Bluetooth beacons are used here to detect the presence and provide relevant context based assistance using a voiced bot call that gives required information and in the end it enables a product expert to better serve a customer remotely or in-store.

User experiences remain focal to the android apps that can help businesses maximise their revenue and better serve their users.