Identity, Security & Governance

Enterprises need to protect their valuable business assets, while ensuring that legitimate global users have access to desired resources. Identity, Security and Governance (henceforth ISG) systems in organizations cater to these needs with regards to productivity, governance and compliance. Traditional systems however are not able to keep up with newer challenges like digitalization, IOT, etc.

Newer trends like IOT have resulted in increased number of things/devices to be authenticated and used in organizations. Organizations are embracing digital transformation to gain efficiencies and in the process rethinking their security and integration strategy. They are opening up their systems to partners and customers (multi-fold increase in user population) in their eco-system. Enterprises want to strengthen their authentication security posture without compromising user experience, as they struggle to adopt cloud services while ensuring security for sensitive information.

GS Lab helps organizations adapt to changes in their environment while improving their security and compliance posture. Organizations can now secure their perimeter using strong authentication and authorization techniques while opening it up to their extended ecosystem (includes business partners and customers). Strengthening the user life-cycle management process ensures that organizations have control on “who has access to what and when” by fine-grained entitlement provisioning for individual applications.

Our engagements have spanned the complete stack from building ISG products to offering consulting services for deployment strategy and rollout of these for enterprises. With over a decade of experience in ISG space, GS Lab can be your trusted partner to craft smart identity, security and compliance solutions for your needs.

Service Offerings


Attestation enables reviewers to be notified of a report they must review that describes the provisioned access that certain users have.

Audit & Reporting

Capable of identifying high-risk user access and behaviour profiles, rules and exception based access analytics and reporting.


Without that trust, it is very difficult to enable access to restricted resources – or applications.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Safeguarding data and applications without added hassle.

Priviledged Identity Management

Secure, control and audit priviledged accounts by providing appropriate access through automated, policy-based workflows.


Identity Governance and Administration solutions offer both governance and provisioning to manage user identity and access life cycles across multiple systems.

Security Incident & Event Management

Generates alerts for the real-time security incident & log management

Single Sign-On

Alleviates multiple login issues by ensuring that the same sign-in credentials work across multiple applications.