Technology Catalyst for Digital Healthcare 

Overall shift of patients to consumers is driving providers & payers to adopt digital healthcare systems that are transparent, integrated and cost-effective. GS Lab’s healthcare practice acts as a technology catalyst for healthcare product and medtech companies by accelerating their technology roadmap and helping them achieve the delicate balance between providing better consumer experience and maximizing their IT investments.

Our key differentiators are:

  • Compliance first methodology with HIPAA, GDPR and ISO 13485 compliances
  • Full stack technology catalyst for provider, payer and telehealth solutions
  • Good understanding of software, medical devices, wearables & implants product development processes
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Our Focus

Innovation & Acceleration of patient centric provider systems to improve  access, reduce cost and bring convenience in the ecosystem

Custom Software Product Engineering & Development

Data Science, AI and ML Based Healthcare Solutions

Medical Devices Development & Management


  • Specialty telemedicine engineering
  • Mobile telemedicine
  • AI/ML powered telehealth
  • Ecosystem engineering
  • Identity & security management
  • Performance engineering & UI/UX

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Remote Patient Monitoring

  • Solutions for chronic care
  • Solutions for post acute care
  • Remote monitors/devices
  • Data management & PHM analytics
  • Integrated platforms and customized software driven solution kits

Medical Devices

  • Wearables & implants
  • Medical devices
  • Imaging solutions
  • Driver development

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Patient Engagement Portals

  • Patient flow management
  • Appointment schedulers
  • AI driven chabot’s
  • Secure data management

Data Science, AI and ML Solutions

  • Data collection
  • Data engineering
  • Data visualization
  • Data science, AI and ML based custom solutions

Mobile health

  • For Patients – From chronic condition monitoring to remote diagnostics
  • For Providers – From healthcare CRM’s to mobile CPOE system.

Revenue Cycle Management

  • Claims management
  • Reimbursements
  • Billing systems
  • RPAs for financial workflows
  • Payment gateway integrations and connectors

 Multidisciplinary Teams

Experienced multidisciplinary teams who understand the interplay of various technologies. Teams that have worked on convergence of IoT, embedded, Data Science, Communication and Cloud technologies.

  • Multidisciplinary team of data scientists, data engineers and DSP specialists
  • Strong expertise across various data science tools, techniques and ML models
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  • Deep expertise in varied communication & collaboration platforms
  • Expertise across communication protocols
  • Contributor to Open Source 4G and 5G projects
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  • Expertise across virtualization, networking, DevOps, micro-services, containerization and cloud native engineering
  • Experience in re-platforming various legacy solutions
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  • End-to-end expertise with hardware, firmware and software applications
  • Deep understanding of IoT value chain from sensors to data intelligence
  • Expertise across document management systems, payment gateway integrations, claims and reimbursements and RPA’s for financial workflows
  • Understanding of various insurance aggregator platforms, agent onboarding & KYC workflows
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Why Us?

Fostering the right partnerships and expertise across all technologies has been the critical differentiator for GS Lab.

Medical Devices Design and Engineering Partner
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  • Compliance First Methodology
    We develop secure solutions compliant with HIPAA, GDPR, and ISO 13485 compliances. We understand the importance of regulation and data security for the healthcare world. As a result, we continuously invest in making sure our teams are aware of all regulatory frameworks.

  • End-to-End Solutioning with Individualistic Approach
    Innovation needs a fresh approach to each solution we craft. We understand that the One-size-fits-all approach does not work for healthcare. Every product is trying to solve a particular and niche problem that needs an individual approach.

  • Understanding of Product development & Startup Ecosystem
    We have 17+ Years of product engineering expertise and developed 300+ products for start-ups, midsize and technology giants.

Healthcare Insights with GS Lab

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