vKYC – Video KYC/CIP Solution

Now on-board your customers remotely

Secure | AI-Driven | Liveness detection | Geo-tagging

AI-Driven Video KYC Solution

vKYC is a secure solution that enables your customers to verify themselves from the comfort of their homes. It allows you to authenticate customer details in real-time through video & AI-driven face match, Liveness detection, geo-tagging, and eKYC verification of your documents. The solution adheres to all RBI guidelines issued for video – customer identification process (V-CIP)

Why Video KYC?

  • Comply with RBI guidelines
  • Speed up customers onboarding remotely
  • Boost sales operation
  • Reduce customer drop-offs
  • Reduce back-office overheads

Key Features of vKYC – Video KYC/CIP Solution

  • AI-driven face match

    Our AI-driven face match feature allows businesses to capture live images of the customer and matches it with photo in the ID in real-time. It also provides a matching score between the photo ID and live face.

  • eKYC

    The OCR based solution allows businesses to instantly verify the documents. The solution scans the identity documents and verifies it in real-time through government records.

  • Geo-tagging & liveness detection

    The solution ensures that the customer is present in the stated region and authorities can run a gesture-based liveness check of the customers

Additional Features of vKYC Solution


Seamless live video

A user-friendly UI for live video communication


End-to-end Encryption

Your video communications are encrypted end-to-end

Appointment scheduler

Customers can book appointments as per their convenience online.

Track appointments

Appointment tracking and management system for agents


Video storage & retrieval

Securely store the recorded video interactions for future compliance use.


Deploy on cloud

Deploy on any private or public clouds


Deploy on-prem

Deploy on your on-prem servers

Now onboard your customer in seconds with vKYC Solution.
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