Streaming Analytics Framework

Your application’s ecosystem is rich with valuable insights, believe it or not. It’s not just the archived data (‘data at rest’); even the ‘moving data’ often has excellent operational and business insights which you don’t want to miss.These are often perishable insights – if you don’t realize them upfront, you may lose a business opportunity. The events that your application components generate can uncover hidden risks, potential threats, issues, outliers – and if you don’t detect them in real time, the damage could be irreversible. Streaming Analytics Solution by GS Lab can plug into your ecosystem to deliver Real Time actionable insights – operational and business.

Not letting applications use the insights for their benefit would be a mistake. Their multi-tenant nature and dependency on external data has bloated their data footprint significantly. They generate enormous data as logs, events, messages,and store them across disparate locations – files, databases etc. Streaming Analytics Solution by GS Lab is the artifact that can ingest these events and messages at one end, and give back actionable insights in real-time at the other, with the rich visual representation of the analysis.

The benefits are plenty — detect operational risks as sub second levels; raise alerts and notifications in real time; track events to detect problems early on rather than troubleshooting the logs later; detect security breaches in seconds; gain business insights by detecting user patterns, user actions, trends, and by correlating live data with historical. Let’s take a look at some interesting use cases in the video below;

So as we like to say, ‘Stream It On’. Use our Streaming Analytics Solution to complement and supplement your application setup to make analytics more intuitive and valuable for your organization.