Conversationalizing your apps

We love to talk. As humans we find conversation-based information sharing most convenient. If you apply NLP concepts to this premise, then it makes bot-based solutions very useful and interesting proposition. You get the information you want; but without a human involved. While performing our day-to-day tasks, we communicate using various channels like email, Skype, Slack and so on.

GS Lab has built solutions that cater to various verticals and hence solve specific business problems using bots. Below are glimpses of some of our work done.

GS Buddy

This buddy helps you resolve your queries – right from leave management, attendance, income tax queries, issuing books and what not. It integrates into Skype and Slack and is a convenient way for employees to get information quickly. It also saves a lot of time of support functions like admin, HR and finance since they can focus on more critical issues.

This bot-based solution is built for a leading hospital located in Pune, with the purpose of integratingwith hospital web site which allows patients get accurate information on doctors consulting hours, pathological tests that can be conducted in the hospitals etc. Along with the earlier stated, patients can now take appointment with a doctor based on the availability.This solution is currently in its pilot stage.

The above stated solutions are all build on Microsoft Bot Framework and use LUIS as NLP engine. This clearly indicates the usefulness of bots in various situations where basic support for queries/questions can be auto-handled through bots. These solutions can help customers optimize the human effort (and hence cost) to focus on critical areas by leaving the common and automatable tasks for bots to handle.

We are currently working on building more bot-based solutions for following verticals.


A bot to handle basic account management information

Converting product knowledge into FAQ’s and build a bot-based interface for handling end-user queries.