Need to hold a virtual meeting complete with screen sharing?
Or maybe you just need to remotely access a colleague’s computer to help him with a quick fix.

Here’s a way to get the job done: ‘ : screen-sharing app for easy collaboration’

Whether you need to share a slide deck, help someone troubleshoot a technical issue or give a presentation to your department. offers a variety of applications for both professional as well as personal use, with simple API integration.

Ease of Use

  • does not require the users to install any app or go through any type of sign-up/sign-in.
  • The presenter can grant access to operate the shared screen to remote viewer.
  • Viewer can view the shared screen from any device including desktops, Macs, tablets and smartphones. There can be multiple viewers for same screen sharing session.


  • is cloud based application with robust architecture that can handle up to 100 concurrent sessions and is flexible to extend scale to a level of 10,000 concurrent sessions.
  • is driven by a powerful and intelligent codec that has low bandwidth footprints that helps to keep the performance high and helps reduce the time lag.

Application Integration

  • Enterprises can either integrate their applications with or leverage its capabilities as pay per usage model.
  • A web application can be easily integrated with by using the REST APIs.
  • Mobile developers can integrate their native iOS or Android App with by using the mobile library.