Modernizing & Managing Your Network Products To Adopt Cloud, & Next-generation Security

Business today is evolving, and the conventional networking approach will no longer meet the requirements of enterprises. Network products will have to adapt to new networking landscapes that seamlessly integrate visibility, automation, optimization, security, and cloud technologies within their product at a quick pace.
GS Lab’s networking expertise assists networking product companies in embracing this change by leveraging technologies like Secure Access Services Edge (SASE), Software-Defined Networking (SDN), Microservices, network security, and cloud. Our product engineering services enable product companies to develop SDN, SD-WAN, and NFV based high performing and scalable solutions for a range of network requirements.

Our Networking Expertise


Secure Access Services Edge (SASE)

Engineering and custom module developments to help customer build & implement SASE platforms



Product engineering, testing & support for SD-WAN products. We help develop new product modules and migrate them to the cloud.


ADN Controllers

Helping product companies design and develop ADN controller solutions


Network Monitoring & Integration

Helping product companies develop network analytic solutions and integrate networks with Service Chaining, SDN Orchestrators via OpenFlow & proprietary protocols.


Network Security

We keep your infrastructure secure with expertise across Scalable PKI infrastructure, H/w Security, secure/trusted booct [ UEFI, TPM, etc.], firewall & virtual firewall and Disk encryption


Enterprise Data Centre Automation

Helping data center automation tools modernize with containerized or microservices-based architectures for fabric and endpoint group management


Network Management System

Product engineering, testing & support for Switches, Router, AP, Firewalls, and Cloud

Our Value Add Services

NetOps & SecOps

  • Infrastructure configuration and provisioning
  •  Secure CI/CD monitoring
  • Test automation
  • Vulnerability scanning and remediation
  • Controlled access and authorization
  • Threat detection and notification
  • Compliance and implementation of SOPs ( e.g. FEDRamp)

Technical Writing & Publications

Our deep technology expertise and domain knowledge make us an ideal partner for technical writing and publications. We help our customers with:

  • User manuals
  • Installation / Deployment / Maintenance manual
  • Administration / System / Configuration guides
  • Hardware documentation
  • Policies and procedures
  • e-Learning modules/courseware
  • Online help
  • Knowledge Base Articles / FAQs
  • API guides

QA & Automation

Create customized automation frameworks for UI and API testing. Experience across:

  • Automating security testing of APIs
  • Permissions permutations for APIs
  • Custom UI automation framework development
  • Different types of traffic testing
  • Network topology testing required for the CPE (Customer Premise Equipment)
  • Protocol support testing

Product Support

  • PSIRT (Product Security Incident Response Team)
  • L1 and L2 support
  • Installations
  • Configurations
  • Deployment
  • Upgrades & migrations
  • Automation
  • Self-service portals

Why GS Lab As Your Product Development Partner?

  • Skilled talent
    We have qualified and experienced engineers capable of doing R&D and prototyping with skills across switching, routing, network management (NMS), and network services like DHCP, DHCP Relay, ARP, etc.
  • Cloud expertise
    Our cloud expertise across cloud-native engineering, public, private and hybrid clouds helps us build faster and robust solutions for our customers
  • Strong domain expertise and end-to-end services
    We have domain knowledge & experience across network device lifecycle management, network virtualization, network integrations, and network testing projects. We offer both core engineering services and value-added services for our customers all under one roof.

Our Success Stories

  • Cloud-based network management system: Product engineering for cloud-based multi-vendor switch management product, we have developed both a cloud-based controller and an edge switch-based agent.
  • SD-WAN product management & support: Product engineering, DevOps & tech-writing, and customer support for a leading SD-WAN startup.
  • DC virtual firewall: Product engineering for NMS and appliance for data center firewall solutions.
  • Remote device management for application delivery: Engineered a device management platform for NoC teams to guarantee application delivery times.
  • OpenStack custom network plugin development: Developed a custom plugin for a proprietary networking solution to be integrated into Openstack.