DevOps Services And Solutions For Modern Application Development

DevOps group at GS Lab helps customers accelerate software delivery, build quality code, and provide high visibility of product/project progress for the agile application development process. We stay abreast with the latest tools, techniques and emerging best practices to help our clients implement DevOps in a quick and effective manner. The team can help you set up the complete DevOps and baseline SecOps across public, private, and containerized environments.

Our approach helps customers to make the right choice of tools and defines their roadmap for transformation to DevOps. Our custom plug and play solutions help quick enablement of DevOps and build business-driven IT processes. Our model ensures that our clients start running their DevOps independently. We are a versatile team with a vision of building complete automation across your infrastructure provisioning and deployments through DevOps best practices and custom solutions.


DevOps Services & Solutions

Consistent and Repeatable Dev, QA, Staging and Production Environment

Our expertise helps you adopt the agile methodology and implement continuous integration and continuous delivery pipeline for your application. Our DevOps services and solutions not only implement DevOps best practices but also adhere to baseline SecOps.

CI/CD & Automation

  • Release management
  • Build automation
  • Compliance test automation
  • Product test automation
  • Scaleable & cloud agnostic CI solution
  • Security scans
  • Reports – emails, chatbots, and dashboard

Infrastructure Management

  • Fully automated infrastructure provisioning
  • Single click deployments
  • Public, private and hybrid cloud deployments
  • Security operations
  • Infrastructure upgrades

Deployments & Monitoring

  • Infrastructure monitoring
  • Software installations
  • Configuration management
  • Application upgrades & monitoring
  • Application monitoring
  • Log-based monitoring
  • Alert management

DevOps Services

  • Managed services
  • Cloud migration
  • Continuous security testing
  • Connector & plugin development
  • Site reliability engineering
  • Disaster recovery & contingency planning

DevOps Consulting

  • End-to-end DevOps consulting
  • DevOps assessment & strategy planning
  • Cloud consulting
  • CI-CD consulting
  • Cloud cost optimization


  • Implementing security best practices
  • Vulnerability scanning and remediation
  • Controlled access and authorization
  • Securing data at all layers
  • Threat detection and notification
  • Compliance and implementation of SOPs ( e.g. FEDRamp)

DevOps Accelerators

Plug and Play Accelerators to drive faster DevOps implementation


DevOps ToolChain

DevOps Toolchain enables application of DevOps processes with pre-defined DevOps workflows and tools. It allows centralized automation that takes away the complexity of setting up the tools while still providing process visibility, auditability, controllability, and agility.

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Cloud Cost Optimization – CloudGain

CloudGain provides rich analytics and deep visibility of your Cloud billing. The tool not only helps in identifying unexpected, underutilized & unused cloud resources, but it also includes remediation suggestions, spending alerts & reports to realize cost savings.

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DevOps Maturity Assessment

A comprehensive yet straightforward maturity model that helps you identify your exact position in the DevOps journey across six key parameters. It gives you a comprehensive score and identifies the next steps to achieve a complete DevOps & baseline SecOps best practices.

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Success Stories

CI/CD Pipeline for leading security management Platform

A complete CI-CD pipeline for a micro-service based architecture with weekly release cycle.

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