Building portal for System Performance Improvement and analytics with high end technology

Building portal for System Performance Improvement and analytics with high end technology

A cloud based giant improves the display of live and historical call statistics on single portal with enhanced user interface

Overview– The customer is a well-known provider of cloud-based Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), empowering Corporates, Universities, and Medical institutes to increase their business productivity and gain insights by simplifying business voice communications, enabling flexible video conferencing, and 24×7 collaboration across multiple devices/platforms.

Challenge – The customer’s UCaaS product combines multiple streams of different media handled from different servers at any given point in time in various geographies. However, with many components involved in the product, keeping track of various KPIs by just looking into customers’ s servers’ logs was simply not possible due to its large volume and unorganized distribution of files. As a result, the customer was looking to develop a common web portal to,

  • Debug quality of audio/video or networks, display call logs from different servers and customers with a simple UI, Capture analytics of live participants and enable location tracking,
  • Identify the set of server components involved in the call and help system engineers easily troubleshoot problems.

Solution – The GS Lab team developed a call detail record and analysis reporting portal for the customer that enabled the customer to collect and display backend statistics. It helped the troubleshooting engineers use this data to track and fix errors and ensure efficient utilization of server components with Better debugging capabilities concerning to call health of the backend server.

Download the case study to understand how GS Lab helped track parameters like data usage and bandwidth consumed through a Web portal.

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