Improving scalability & availability using serverless architecture

Improving scalability & availability using serverless architecture

A healthcare technology startup reduces infrastructural costs for their platform by using next generation architecture


About Client
Our client is a leading start-up in the healthcare technology industry and wanted to create a robust, highly modular and flexible product which would also require less resources to develop and maintain.

The product required the creation of a scalable data gathering mechanism which could leverage the power of data science while conforming to regional regulatory and data protection mechanisms with minimal effort.

We developed a next-generation solution using serverless architecture and best-in-class tools & languages. This enabled the client to deploy a completely scalable product which not only had high availability but also resulted in approximately 40% lesser infrastructure costs. The modular nature of the solution made it very easy for the client to adhere to all regional
and global data protection & other regulatory frameworks.


Download the case study to find out how we developed a serverless architecture to save infrastructure cost.

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