Developing PAAS platform for a leading network company

Developing PAAS platform for a leading network company

A PAAS platform specialized for Microservices deployment developed using open source tools to handle resource underutilization, security and data sharing

Overview – The client is one of the leading network companies in the world. It provides cutting-edge network hardware as well as software solutions to its customers. The world is trending towards Virtualization/Containerization and hence software solutions around these technologies would be in demand in the near future. Keeping this in mind, we started building this next generation IoT platform for the client’s next generation customers.

Challenge – In the connected IOT world lifecycle, processing is complex. Security and dynamic scaling were major concerns for designing an automated framework which can take decisions on its own without manual intervention.

Solution – We helped the client in identifying the entire technology stack, designed high level platform architecture & framework, developed end to end platform with automated deployment & configuration, and suggested enhancements w.r.t. platform security as well as security between platform services.

Download the case study to understand how GS Lab helped the leading Network Company in developing PAAS platform specialized for Microservices deployment.

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