Monitoring Microservices on PAAS for a leading networking company

Monitoring Microservices on PAAS for a leading networking company

Overview – The client is one of the leading network company in world. It provides both hardware as well as software cutting edge network solutions to its customers. The world is trending towards Virtualization/Containerization. And hence software solutions around these technologies would be an opportunity for everyone. Keeping this in mind, we started building this NextGen IoT solution for NextGen customers

Challenge – In the connected IoT world, lifecycle processing is complex. Security is a major concern where everyone are connected with each other. Dynamic scaling becomes crucial when it comes to design an automated framework which can take decision on its own without a manual intervention. The challenge here was not only to monitor the whole Microservices infra but to monitor the Monitoring services which are running itself as any other service on the top of same platform

Solution – Monitoring is an implicit requirement for any containerized infra and has become one of the key features of any application or platform offering. We developed a PaaS for microservices based deployments for a large customer. To start with, our team divided platform monitoring in two parts: Real time stats and Logging, identified tech stack, designed monitoring architecture and developed end to end platform with automated deployment & configuration.

Download the case study to understand how GS Lab developed and monitored PAAS based microservices for a leading networking company

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