25% Reduction in Peak Power Consumption with Predictive Insights

25% Reduction in Peak Power Consumption with Predictive Insights

A global liquid and gas supply chain & logistics company optimizes operations by coupling data science with IoT


About Client
Our client is a leading supply chain & logistics company operating a global network of terminals located at strategic sites and ports along major trade routes. Providing bulk storage and handling services to the oil & gas and chemicals sector is their primary service offering.

Our client wanted to have complete visibility in their storage tanks and needed to understand the energy costs incurred across their facility for the storage of liquids. They were billed for their power consumption based on power utilization during peak load time which was very high. Optimizing their peak load power consumption would reduce their utility bills.

We developed a data-science driven solution which reduced their energy costs and brought efficiency to their operations. This solution enabled the client to make data-backed decisions supported by real-time intelligence into the functioning of their storage tanks


Download the case study to find out how we achieved 25% reduction on peak power consumption.


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