Learning & Development

GS Lab Learning & Development – Enabling Business Growth

The single minded focus at GS Lab is solving problems for our customers and partnering with them to achieve their vision and goals. Our biggest assets are our dedicated and competent engineers, who join GS Lab to work on cutting edge projects and technologies – working, learning and growing together as diverse skills come together in a creative problem solving mode. As a learning-centric organization, GS Lab believes strongly in developing and enriching our engineer’s skills and enabling them to fulfill their professional and learning objectives.

Our Learning & Development (L&D) function has been created to ensure we offer an enriching personal development experience to all our engineers.The core drivers for our L&D initiatives are improving CSAT and ESAT – the bedrock of our business growth.

GS Lab Learn-2-Grow Model

Keeping the needs of customers and our engineers in mind, our L&D model has developed a stratified approach spanning key skill areas that enables us to deliver precise training interventions to the target segment.

Learning-Development-model - GS LAB

As part of the L&D portfolio of offerings, we have a mix of customized training programs focused on 4 key areas, developed and delivered by in-house experts as well as experienced external faculty:

Technology DeepDives

We have curated a set of technical training programs that are aimed at meeting the key skills in demand from our customers. Some examples are DeepDive programs in Python, Hadoop, Angular, Performance Engineering, Scala, etc. All these programs follow a rigorous assessment based hands-on approach to ensure the competencies of our engineers are updated in the targeted skills.

Given the customer focused ethos at GS Lab, we have created and curated a set of training programs to help our engineers understand the business and technology of importance to our customers’ business domains and markets. Some examples are understanding key IoT platforms, streaming media technologies, streaming analytics, software security, etc. All these programs follow a rigorous assessment based hands-on approach to ensure the competencies of our engineers are updated in the targeted skills.

The key drivers of L&D interventions are CSAT and ESAT, which drive our offerings in the space of Business Skills improvement. Our objective here is to improve skills of our engineers in key CSAT impacting areas like customer interaction, effective communication, customer account management, effective problem solving, etc. The focus is helping our engineers drive personal habits change by embedded coaching and delivering ‘point-of-application’ based learnings to use and internalize into their daily work habits.

Developing engineers with a well-rounded perspective on business and technical aspects has to be enabled by an appreciation and understanding of key business processes technical frameworks that increase work effectiveness. We have adopted Agile development practices and train our engineers on Agile practices, project management, QA processes, effective interviewing techniques to hire the best engineers, etc.

Keeping our focus on driving CSAT and ESAT, our programs follow a rigorous assessment based hands-on approach to ensure the competencies of our engineers are upgraded in the targeted skills. We follow a blended learning approach, leveraging our co-location advantage in terms of rolling out highly impactful face-to-face ILT based training programs, as well as creating an enabling environment by deploying all programs on our state-of-the-art Learning Management System. All our programs are hosted on our LMS and our engineers have 24/7 access to training content. Our LMS also helps us manage our assessment of conceptual understanding and quality of hands on assignments expected as part of the program accreditation.

Flagship Leadership Program

Our L&D function also drives a flagship Leadership Development program to create a pipeline capable Technology Leaders to meet the growing needs of our business. Our GS Leap ( GS Lab Leadership Development Program to Lead, Enable, Aspire, Percolate ) program is an invite only 6 month intensive program offered to selected high potential engineers in two versions:

GS Leap - Level 1

This six month program is offered to selected first time managers ( typically with 5+ years of experience ) to help them seamlessly imbibe and drive the leadership tenets of GS Lab in their teams and influence their peers. This program focusses on helping these first time leaders gain practical insights into achieving business and technical objectives, managing work, their teams, people development, motivating and leading their teams, project management and also stress management, communication management.

This six month program is offered to senior managers within GS Lab ( typically with 10+ years of experience ), who have the potential to grow further and helm the increasing organizational needs of GS Lab. This intensive program focuses on customer centric management, managing people growth, coaching and mentoring, negotiating, influencing and creatively managing business dynamics, financial analysis and key principles of business management in addition to introspection and self-realization driven reflections to suitably modify behaviours/habits and mindsets.