Employees Speak

Even as I started my journey at GS Lab, my managers gave high value to my opinions and ideas. I was encouraged to learn the latest technologies and work on the coolest products. The organisation entrusts you with big responsibilities while ensuring that you have the right guidance to achieve your objectives.

Kushagra Mall, Embedded Engineer




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GS Lab provides employees a platform to explore and grow. We have a very women-friendly culture that empowers us to easily balance our time between the workplace and home. The flexibility provided by GS Lab is absolutely fantastic.

Pooja Uniyal, Associate Technical Manager

There is no dearth of cutting edge technologies – like ML, AI, Cloud, Analytics, Kubernetes etc. – that you get to work on in GS Lab. You not only get to work with a number of customers with numerous real life problems, but you also get to apply your technological knowhow to provide elegant solutions. Deploying these solutions and witnessing their dramatic results provides great satisfaction.

Sameer Mahajan, Principal Architect





Leaders at GS Lab really empower you to drive change. This flat, free-thinking culture creates an institution that lets you grow beyond traditional roles.

Manisha Deshpande, Practice Manager

As a start-up founder who built a team offering IoT solutions, my experience of being on-boarded (along with the whole team) into GS Lab was simply superb. GS Lab’s management team is clear on their goals, and invest in the long-term approach, with unflinching ethics. They enable leaders to take on new challenges and deliver. I think this sets GS Lab apart.

– Mandar Gadre, Director of Engineering



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GS Lab is an organization that invests heavily in creating next-level leaders. Leaders not only get the freedom to innovate here, but they also get the flexibility to take risks.

– Mrinal Srivastava, Account Manager – IAM