Employee Engagement

It is established that engaged employees are more productive. To ensure employee engagement, we connect with our employees at all levels, involve them in various company-wide activities that are work related and importantly non-work and enable them with various social and traditional mediums to express their ideas and make themselves heard. We at GS Lab always strive to create a two-way communication with our employees where we encourage the exchange of ideas and thus foster an open and transparent culture within the organization. This communication is interactive creating a collective sense of involvement and ownership amongst the employees.

The underline objective is to provide employees with a platform to perform at peak potential, safe and secure workplace and stimulating environment to innovate and experience the pride of a job well done.

Employee Recreation

Luck never gives, it only lends. Talent coupled with innovation and hard work gives – Recognition, Success and above all Satisfaction. A team that works so hard deserves breaks at regular intervals that enables them to unwind and recharge their batteries for next challenge. In a free work environment that fosters freedom of flexi-timing coupled with convenience of “Work from Home”, efforts are made to provide a friendly and calm atmosphere where the employee is at peace and can concentrate solely on the set goals. Regular team bonding and unwinding session are organised to provide the much needed relief. Quarterly team lunches, team bonding events, recreational excursions, cultural evenings like annual party provide each individual an opportunity to socialise and bond with colleagues from every team/ project within the organisation.

Hard work beats talent when talent does not work hard. In order to keep the hard working and talented team motivated we have various rewards, recognition and acknowledgements. “Pat on the back” is a way to say “Thank you” or “Well done” to a colleague. A pat can be given by any employee to any colleague in the organisation. Star performers are handsomely rewarded during every Quarterly Company Meetings. Consistent performers are awarded annual awards aptly titled.

In addition regular competitions such as Hackathons/Product Showcase/Tech Quiz etc. provide an equal opportunity to each employee to prove their mettle and win handsome rewards.

In the world of millennials, Agile is the buzzword. Constant and instant feedback coupled with quick rewards and recognition is a necessity. Keeping this in mind the Performance Management System has been revamped in order to provide regular guidance and contribution acknowledgements. Management by Objective (MBO) is the central theme wherein goals are set by the employee in association with the manager, keeping in mind the team and organisational goals. Timelines and quality of work are sacrosanct and not negotiable during the goals setting process. Once goals are set complete freedom of work is afforded and course correction is provided only when it is felt necessary.

The Human Capital needs nurturing and guidance at every stage in order to blossom and prosper continuously. While the 2 arms Talent acquisition (recruitment) gets the best available talent on-board and Talent Management creates a conducive atmosphere for the talent to bloom, it is the 3rd arm, Talent Enrichment (Learning & Development) that provides growth and development opportunities. With customised programs aligned with business needs and employee aspirations, the L&D team provides a digital learning platform to all.