API Management

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) have changed the way products are designed, developed, sold and serviced. All types of businesses are gearing up for digital transformation using APIs. API management adds efficiency, agility, and innovation in publishing the data, simplifying its usage and gaining a competitive advantage by joining hands with partners. Hence, API management solutions are becoming the key to integrating ever-increasing devices, services and large amounts of data, while ensuring ease of access, security and monetization of APIs to take the business to greater heights.

While API management solutions provide a great deal of usability in partner engagement, API access and analytics; it’s also important to provide security against threats, attacks and build a trusted model to various services. Service gateways ensure these aspects of service management along with much in demand data transformation.

GS Lab’s deep expertise in ‘Full lifecycle API management’ i.e. planning, design, implementation, publication, operation, consumption, maintenance and retirement of APIs, along with service governance makes it a well-placed partner in all of the functions of Application Service Governance (Combined space inclusive of full lifecycle API management and Service Governance) product life cycle.

GS Lab has substantial experience in a variety of API management solutions on various platforms. Our work spans across cloud, on premise and hybrid models of API management solutions from multiple vendors. GS Lab provides end to end quality assurance, support, professional services and technical publications for API management solutions. Our expertise can help in integrating the API management solution and hosted services with a variety of technologies in the application services governance space, using service gateways and BPEL application development.

Service Offerings

API Protection

Securing your API against attack and hijack using proven best practices

Billing & Metering

Monetize APIs with strong metering capacity integrated into API management solutions.

Dev Portal

Expose your APIs within the developer community allowing developers register apps

Traffic Management

A 360-degree view of your API traffic using proven best practices


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