Just the right size
technology partner in this
agile world

Overview | Values | Journey

GS Lab not only works with customers to build innovative products and services, but it also helps them nurture their ideas, stays with them during market validation and scales those ideas into viable businesses. Our size and varied technology expertise, complemented by a customer-centric engagement models makes us nimble, agile and help craft solutions for our customers for critical business and technological challenges.

We are a partner to our customers, sharing their vision while mitigating their risks.

Our passion for solving complex problems through technology solutions makes us the preferred technology partner of choice for achieving new thresholds of business performance.

What sets us apart…

Traditional to Transformational Stack

14 years of product engineering portfolio – IoT, Analytics, Infrastructure, Security and more

Our Customers

Worked on over 300 products
Over 85% of customers have trusted us for years
Managed innovations for over 110 customers worldwide

Crafting Digital Solutions

Deep expertise in more than 130 tools & technologies